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TERRATECH Proud to Announce LPS Certification

August 2018: Dr Pieter H Pretorius from TERRATECH, South Africa successfully completed the Lightning Protection System Designer Accreditation Course presented by ELPA (Earthing Lightning Protection Association of South Africa). Dr Pretorius also successfully completed... read more

TERRATECH Participates in Lightning Africa Seminar

August 2019: Dr Pieter H Pretorius from TERRATECH, South Africa was invited to participate in the Earthing & Lightning Seminar hosted by AREP (Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners) and ELPA (Earthing Lightning Protection Association). Two, 1-day seminars... read more

Earthing Africa Symposium and Exhibition 2017

“Earthing Africa” is an initiative of and symposium organized by TERRATECH, South Africa. The symposium has a specific interest and focus in bringing industry and academia from Africa and abroad together with the objective, not only to raise awareness of earthing... read more

TERRATECH Attends CDEGS Level I and Level II Training

May 2016: Dr Pretorius, Principal Consultant of TERRATECH, attended a refresher CDEGS course (Level I and Level II training) in Canada. Even though he has been using CDEGS software since 1994, he pointed out that it is important to remain abreast with the software... read more