TERRATECH provides general and specialised engineering and support services in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Earthing and Lightning Protection that include:


  • Scientific analysis and reviews;
  • Research and study design;
  • Project management;
  • Technical audit and adjudication;
  • Consultancy on Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment;
  • Achievement of EMC;
  • Identification of sources of electromagnetic / radio frequency interference(EMI / RFI);
  • Electromagnetic field management;
  • Earthing / Grounding network and system design (including substations, power stations and power lines);
  • Soil surveys;
  • Numerical electromagnetic field modelling and technical surveys
  • Test plans and preparation of specifications;
  • Integration with Technical Standards: IEC and CISPR;
  • Electrical safety, probabilistic threat assessment and forensic investigations;
  • Expert opinion.